Advitech's new project, within its business intelligence activities, is a collection of Reports focused on the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) world: APIsTRENDS. The first issue of the APIsTrends collection is CDMO Benchmarking Report - Baseline analysis.

A Benchmarking study for the CDMO sector, starting with a baseline analysis of 2016 data where two main studies were planned:

  • A qualitative determination of the market value of small molecule APIs produced by CDMO;
  • Benchmarking of CDMO companies active in small molecule APIs.

New coming updated editions will enable to outline the main trends in this industrial sector, but this first CDMO Benchmarking Report will be an indispensable starting point to evaluate the market value of active pharmaceuticals ingredients (APIs) which is not so visible.

CDMO Benchmarking Report
Baseline analysis


The global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) market is currently experiencing a constant growth and increasing interest in the healthcare world. The rise of CDMOs is a key aspect of the pharmaceutical industry's evolution over the past decades, where two-thirds of pharmaceutical manufacturing is outsourced. However, despite the wealth of information publicly available, it can be difficult to extrapolate the data required to make informed decisions about outsourced manufacturing, or investments in this sector. To meet this need address we at Advitech have decided to conduct the first benchmarking study on API CDMOs, starting by a baseline analysis according to 2016 data. The work is structured in two parts: one with an evaluation of the reference market value of drug substances produced by CDMOs. In fact, while the market value of finished dosage forms (FDFs) manufactured by CDMOs can be relatively easily assessed, values for APIs are not as visible. Therefore, to obtain an estimated value of the market pertaining to the subsequent benchmarking study, we performed a series of extrapolations from a range of publicly available and published data. The analysis provides an insight, placing an actual figure on the global market for drug substance APIs. The second part is a benchmarking study where 27 companies were chosen due to their well-established role as contract manufacturers and small molecule API capabilities. The selected companies were mainly headquartered in Europe or in the US, although two best-in-class companies in Asia were also included to provide additional perspective.

  1. Introduction
  2. Executive summary
  3. Scope of work
    • Study rationale
    • Methodology
      • Qualitative determination of the market value of small molecule APIs produced by CDMOs
      • Benchmarking of CDMO companies active in small molecule APIs
  4. The pharmaceutical industry
  5. Global value of small molecue APIs for CDMO: a qualitative number
    • Financial market approach based on company performance
  6. Benchmarking of CDMO companies active in small molecule APIs 2016
    • The panel companies
    • The tools
    • Research and analysis 2016
      • Size and geography
      • Corporate structure and models of business
      • Service porfolio and scale capabilities
      • Technical capabilities: chemistry
      • Hazardous chemistry capabilities
      • Technical capabilities: drug products
      • Growth, investment and innovation
      • Competitive advantage and stress absorption
      • Quality and regulatory
    • Results: 10 key takeaways
  7. Conclusions
  8. Company snapshots
  9. References
  10. Bibliography
  11. Author biography

CDMO Benchmarking Report